Gathered together in this debut short story collection from writer Will Titterington are eight stories filled with wonder, secrets, apparitions, puzzles, and mysteries. Strange things happen from the start, and get ever stranger until we are left to ask: Why?


It’s the ultimate question to the ultimate riddle of why any of us are even here. It’s what attracts us. 


It’s what scares us if we get too close to the truth. 

Will Titterington short story

The Winter That Never Ended

Martin had planned to do lots of things in May when the evenings were longer and the atmosphere was warmer. He was going to hit the beach, wear his new t-shirts, go to rooftop parties and drink cider in beer gardens. 


Only, May wasn’t coming this time. The winter was still here. It had been here for eighteen months so far, and Martin was going out of his mind ...