4 Things Good Writers Do All The Time

What are 4 things good writers do all the time?

You’re a good writer. But are you doing the things that all the other good writers are doing all the time? If not, you might not be getting to the level you want to be at.

Good writers are just like professional sportsmen. They have to practice their craft constantly in order to produce better results.

And once they start to produce better results, they then have to keep practising in order to stay consistent.

Consistency is key. If you want to keep getting the top writing jobs, or if you want to write an amazing novel, you need to be consistently good.

How can we get consistently good? One way is by doing 4 certain things each day.

Let’s take a look at the 4 things good writers do all the time.

They Read

I’m always amazed when a writer tells me they don’t read.

“Why would I need to read? I’m a writer not a reader. What do I want books for? I’m just not a bookish person.”

Most content creators who say this aren’t aware that they actually DO read.

They read blog posts.

They read copy.

They read reviews.

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be at the level they’re at.

“Oh, I don’t really class that as reading,” they’ll say.

All reading is reading. For a copywriter, reading copy is … reading!

All good writers read something every day. It helps them to improve their own writing. Whether you read a high quality piece of copy or a chapter from a Dostoevsky novel, you’re reading. And that’s important.

You can’t be a good writer unless you read good material each day. Your brain absorbs this material and over time, your own style begins to improve.

They Watch Or Read Something Funny

Ever started a piece of writing only to say with a sigh, “this is just so bland”?

We’ve all been there. Usually it happens in the morning when you’ve first started to write.

You’ve written a few paragraphs but you know it’s just lifeless. No one is going to enjoy reading it.

At this point, you need to do something all good writers do - read something funny.

Funny content loosens you up and reminds you to be engaging. All of a sudden, you’ll be inspired to adopt the same tone of writing as the funny content and your own content will come to life. You’ll be on your way.

They Read Something They Wrote A While Back

I do this often. Every now and then, I’ll look back on something I wrote some time ago to see what was good and what was bad about it.

Sometimes I’m amazed by how good it is. In fact, it sometimes amazes me so much that I can’t believe I was once so good - and so bad right now!

It reminds me to pull myself together and to start producing that kind of content once more. And like Hemingway once said, if you’ve done something once, you can sure as heck do it again.

Sometimes, of course, I’ll open old content that’s not so great. But that’s oaky, too. It shows me where I went wrong, where I needed to improve - and it shows me how far I’ve come since then.

It’s important to carry out this kind of retrospection to help you improve where you’re at in the present.

They Write Fast

Good writers can write fast. I mean, they can write at speeds that sees them produce 2,000 words of content in an hour.

2,000 words of awesome content.

Why is this? Because good writers know that the mind works best when it’s being worked hard.

Work your mind slowly, and you’ll get results that reflect a docile mind (uninspired).

Push your mind to its limits, and you’ll get results you never even knew were possible.

Think fast, type fast, and you’ll be surprised at the amazing stuff that pours out of you.

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