The One Thing Successful Writers Do

What is one thing successful writers do?

Is there just one thing successful writers do?

No. There isn’t only one thing.

But in my personal experience, there is one thing you need to do more than anything else.

Which is to HAVE FUN.

This is the one thing successful writers do.

I was inspired to write this after seeing a post on Facebook. A friend was having trouble choosing a script of his to develop.

He had a few neat ideas, but couldn’t settle on just one.

The post attracted plenty of comments from fellow writers. The advice was along the lines of, “Just get yourself in front of the screen, sit yourself down at your desk - and bleed it out. Writing is effort. It’s a grind. You’ve gotta be ready to do battle.”

Writing is a grind?

You’ve gotta bleed the words out and do battle? Really?! That sounds horrible!

I know a lot of people who approach writing like this. They’ve got some sort of romantic vision in their heads of them being the quintessential tortured literary souls. They see themselves as modern-day Rimbaud’s, who sweat out each word. To them, writing is a calling, a sort-of innate, duty imposed upon them by the gods - a distressing call that they can’t ignore. They don’t necessarily want to write - they have to write.

I’m the same. Except I both want to write and I have to write.

I admit that it’s a bit of an obsession.

But I’m driven by other factors.

I’m not motivated by the need to purge my aching soul of words.

I’m motivated by the desire to be the best. To constantly prove myself each day.

But you know what else? I write because I have FUN doing it.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing.

Writing is my job. But it’s also my passion.

When you have fun writing, it really shows in your work.

Just like not having fun writing shows in your work, too.

If you’re having a ball, your writing will spring to life. It will have bounce, pizzazz and all that jazz. It will be mesmeric, and fun to read! It will come to life, and people reading it will think “Wow! This is on fire!”

If you’re “bleeding” the words out onto your page … well, who would want to read that?!


The number one thing you need to do to be a successful writer is have fun. Sit in front of your desk only when you’re in a good mood. Have the time of your frigging life! Approach writing like a rock star approaches the stage. You’re alive. You have talent. Be happy about that and have a party with words! Do the one thing successful writers do.