How To Be A Funny Writer

Struggling to be a funny writer? Comedy writing and crafting humorous stories can totally be learned! All you need is innate natural talent. I'm kidding!

I’m a funny writer, and I can honestly say that funny writing has been a major part of my success. It’s got me clients, it’s got me conversions, and it’s brought me success.

People - clients in the freelance world especially - love funny writing.

It’s a bit of a useful skill.

If you’ve got a knack for crafting humorous stories and making the reader laugh, you’ve got a much higher chance of having a successful writing career.

As Robert B. Cialdini PhD points out in his massively successful book Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion, we love likeable people. Salespeople have a higher chance of selling if they’re likeable.

Being funny is a trait of likeable people. And funny people tend to be more successful.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a funny writer, not only will your writing improve, but - if you’re starting out as a freelance writer - you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to land writing gigs.

Especially if you’re in the business of cold emailing.

After all, it’s super hard to get the attention of a business who wasn’t expecting you to email them asking if they need a writer.

The best way to get their attention? Be funny!

But, look. I know that funny writing is difficult. Not everyone is naturally funny.

And what you think is funny might not be funny to someone else.

Imagine the look of horror on your face as you share your writing with your mom and watch as she gets to the funny bit - but doesn’t laugh.

“She was supposed to be laughing by now omg. Why does she still look so serious?!”

But guess what? Being a comedy writer who writes humorous stories, emails and blog posts can totally be learned.

I always make sure to make my emails and my blog posts for clients - where applicable - funny. It makes the post more engaging and entertaining to the reader, and boosts conversions.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to be funny.

Master The Rule Of Three

The Rule of Three is very, very simple and really easy to master.

Let’s say you’re writing to a potential client and you give them three options at the end of the email. They can either:

  • Meet up with you for a coffee to discuss this further

  • Chat on the phone to discuss this further

  • Meet up for tequila shots and boiler-makers to discuss this further (nudity optional)

What you’re doing is presenting them with two serious options, as well as a third, totally ludicrous one.

Let’s imagine how the Rule of Three might play out in a different scenario. Let’s say you’re on a dating site and a girl/boy hasn’t replied for a while. Instead of giving up the ghost, see if the Rule of Three reignites their interest with this variation on the theme:

“Hey, I notice you haven’t replied for a while. As per, I’m sending out a follow-up message to see how things are going. You have 3 options:

1) Ignore this message (MOST POPULAR):

2) Reply (LESS POPULAR):

3) Block my face: SELF-EXPLANATORY”

I’m not saying it will work and you two will end up getting married. But the Rule of Three tends

to work like an absolute charm in so many situations.

And once you start using the Rule of Three in your writing, you’ll start seeing it everywhere. It’s engaging, funny and people love it. It’s also super easy to do. All you need to do is come up with two viable, serious options and then an extravagant, totally unrealistic one.

Create Mini Stories Inside Your Blog Post

What I love to do is I love to create mini stories inside my blog posts that:

  • Relate to the topic

  • Relate to the audience

  • Engage the audience

  • Are purposely exaggerated

  • Are funny

For example, I recently wrote a blog post about pregnancy. To illustrate how hard it is for parents to explain to their inquisitive five-year-olds where babies come from, I didn’t just write “it’s hard to explain to your children where babies come from.”

Instead, I crafted a humorous story they could relate to:

“Mom, where do babies come from?”

It’s a question we dread from our inquisitive six-year-olds.

“Just go and watch TV,” we say.

“But I wanna know where babies come from!”

“They come from a stalk, okay?! A big stalk flew down and delivered you to me.”



Get it?

I also recently wrote a blog about jealous partners. Instead of saying, “yeah, people get jealous blah-blah,” I created a mini funny story:

And how about the jealous partner who was meant to be on a business trip to Dubai and who suddenly stops by when they find out you’re hanging with a friend from the opposite sex?

“I thought you were in Dubai?!”

“I came over for a nap. And what do I find? You two are making a cup of tea together!”

These humorous stories must be short, snappy, and they must always be super exaggerated for comedic effect.

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