7 Reasons Why Millennials Should Be Freelance Writers

Wanna ditch your job and go freelance … but not confident enough to take the plunge just yet? As a millennial, there’s never been a better - or easier - time to become a freelance writer.

By 2020, more than 50% of the American workforce will be freelance. How amazing is that?

It basically means that the economy is encouraging you to learn some new skills and make the freelancing plunge.

Freelance writing as a career opens up so many possibilities. And us millennials crave possibilities.

Millennials don’t subscribe to the old ways of working. We’re not the ‘Live to Work, Work to Live’ kind of guys that employers seem to desire. We’re more liberal, less traditional; we want work that’s going to inspire and motivate us.

Described mostly as lazy and self-obsessed, millennials have a bad rep. Really though, we’re just looking for careers that align with our passions, cater to our full lives - our need for connectedness.

Freelance writing is the way forward. It’s the perfect career path for the twenty-something go-getters out there. Need more persuading? Read on.

1. We’re Connected

We were born into the technology age after all. We’re well versed in the language of social media. With the digitalised world showing no sign of slowing down, freelancing is the perfect way to get onboard.

Whether it’s building a client base, researching topics, or designing suitable layouts, millennials were born to freelance themselves. The internet is the perfect place to find contracted work and to connect globally.

Not only that, but there are some incredible writing apps online for freelancers to access; helping to optimise productivity and organisation (it’s not just millennials that could use this!)

2. We Can Focus on Our Own Interests

The fantastic thing about freelancing is being able to focus on what you love. While you will probably have to take jobs in the beginning just to pay the bills, over time you can really delve into your passions.

Love baking? Or business? Or basket-weaving? (I’m not judging. Seriously, anything goes!) It is these interests – however wide-ranging – that you can pursue. Us millennials never stick to one hobby. We’ll multi-faceted. We love to explore.

3. We Like to Learn

Contrary to popular belief that millennials are unmotivated and work-shy, we love to learn. And in a freelance writing or blogging career, learning never stops. From receiving feedback and constructive criticism, to monitoring the response to your work, to exploring new angles or subject matters, there are copious ways to grow – personally and career-wise.

And if it’s learning something you are invested in (Baking? Business? Basket-weaving?) then it’s sure to keep you invested.

4. We’re Not Afraid of the Unknown

Freelancing incurs risk, but we’re a generation of go-getters. When we’re driven and excited by something, millennials jump in at the deep end. We figure things out as we go. Freelance writing and blogging offers a career brimming with unknown. While there is a certain level of stability, there are also opportunities to take a chance.

5. We Crave Flexibility

Say goodbye to 9-5 or working till the early hours pouring drinks for millennials who haven’t discovered freelance writing yet! Freelancing offers the most flexible of work hours. With no strict office hours, you can freelance on the go, in your bed, around your important social events. We’re a generation of unpredictability.

We lack the confines of a strict routine. We thrive off work that can be managed around the other areas of our lives we deem important.

6. We Crave Variety

We like to switch things up. The monotony of so many jobs means we can lack enthusiasm and drive. Freelance writing brings with it a variety many jobs lack. Each week can bring something different: a new challenge, a new topic, a new client. No writing job is the same as the last.

Variety too, can be found in the skills millennials are dying to show off. From photography, to web-design, to entering into the online marketplace, freelancing is just the beginning.

7. We Want Control

Freelancing gives you complete control over your schedule, workload, clientele and job title (you can be the Managing Director of Online Content if you wish!) Whilst we’re a lot more free-spirited than past generations, millennials still need control. We like to be in the driver’s seat, whether we’re going 100 miles per hour or slouched on the sofa.

Freelance writers, whilst revelling in flexibility and variety, remain in control. Clients will have briefs, deadlines will be in place, but the direction of their career and the time they invest, is completely up to them.

So, to all the millennials out there considering their next career move, freelance writing is pretty damn good!